How to Plan a 5K Race Guide

This 44-page guide will help you with 12 different topics you need to address when planning not just a 5K but any race. From logistics to race day and everything in between, this guide will help you plan and marketing your race with a blueprint you can re-use year after year. 

The 12 chapters of the guide are:

  1. 12 steps to kick-start race planning
  2. How to create a race budget
  3. 5 rules to developing a race pricing strategy
  4. Everything you need to know about online registration
  5. Ins and outs of race permits
  6. Logistics planning
  7. Choosing your event staff
  8. Preparing yourself for sponsors
  9. 8 ways to attract race sponsors
  10. Event marketing and race promotion
  11. Everything you need to know about publicity What to do about merchandise