The Overview & The Blog

 The ChronoTrack Active Tag is great for triathlons, mud/obstacle events and cycling races. Our technology is configured to read results between the high-end and low-end of transponders on the market, meeting the needs of more of the mass-market, at a more reasonable price. 

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ChronoTrack Active Tag in use at triathlon

The Data Sheet

With its own built-in battery and active technology, this tag is more powerful and more accurate than its passive tri-tag relative. These orange tags are custom-made for ChronoTrack, with a unique configuration and hardware built specifically for the needs of our partners. Having this tag in our suite of products allows you to choose between active and passive technology for your events.

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The Spartan Case Study

In advance of the public launch of the new ChronoTrack active tag timing system, we offered the team at Spartan Race Inc. the opportunity to test the new system at several Spartan races worldwide. Nick Howell, Spartan’s Emperor & Technology Czar, was eager to sample the new-to-market technology.

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The Press Release

Hear why we brought this product to market, what pain points your peers were struggling with, the approach we took with design and the options you have to use the ChronoTrack Active Tags with your events.

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